All of these side stories are based on members of Shǒuwèi’s extended famly, they offer a good insight in their backstories.

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Lucy’s unexpected discovery 

After a long conversation with his old friend Warrior Yoarashi (September Rain) Lucy remembers there was no investigation carried out on the dark door that was discovered behind a house in North-east China where the last wave of Day Walkers were brought to an end centuries ago. The famous inventor decides to take on the task to discover what lies on the other side.

September Rain

Moto Aki is just an average teenage boy who likes going on adventures and exploring forests.

One day the young man is caught in a storm and takes shelter in an old shrine that contains something he was not expecting to fine.


Samurai and the butterfly

A mysterious masked Samurai who is part of myth and legend is brought into reality when he gets an unexpected guest. An Empress who needs his help to save her entire family before they are subjected to the same curse that has been bestowed upon her. All the Masked Warrior can do is hope he gets to them in time.
(This is part of the Wandering Samurai series that is 
mentioned in the Master Shǒuwèi series and the Maskd Samurai is played by the character Narsus)


All new rewrite of
Límíng wù and the missing Emperor
Part One is available to read on

A young Princess who had all the freedom in the world suddenly has to take over the role of her late mother as Emperor. Because the young lady is not used to being cooped up behind the palace walls, she becomes restless and one morning she decides to sneak out to go on an adventure. Little did she know her very life was in danger.


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