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All the stories that are posted here are available to purchase and download as PDF format. Choose which series to follow and buy each chapter as it comes out or wait until the full book becomes available.

The adventures of Bǎihé and Liúxīng Chapters 1&2

Chapter One: One day whilst out walking Bǎihé comes across the Monkey Emperor Liúxīng who is happily helping himself to nice, plump peaches, that happen to belong to a Forest God.

Chapter Two: A stunning blue dragon awakens to find his ball gone and discovers a tiny monkey, human like creature is within his home...



A young man is sent on a quest to find the lost Princess, it soon turns out to be more than just a simple quest and everything has been told is a lie.
This is the first 5 edited chapters of Betrayed in an exclusive bundle pack


Betrayed Chapter 6 Forgotten Tower

Poor Daisy has only moments ago awaken from a sleeping spell, when suddenly she is grabbed and pulled through an unknown portal into a pitch black room where she slowly becomes aware she is not alone...

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