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Forgotten world

A young man has gone against the rules of his elders and created an invention to save his world from being hit by fragments from a broken moon. When he reaches one of the barriers generators he makes a remarkable discovery.
Front cover image is from pinterest

There was once a graceful princess who kept peace in her land. One day she vanished and was replaced by a dark witch. Now a young man takes on the task of finding the lost princess.
Cover art is from Valles on deviantart.com


The Two Wizards

There was once a young man, who had to be taught magic. Magic that was older than time. It was his own father who insisted on it and gave the lad very little choice.

The only problem was the young man had to find them, for neither had been seen in years.


Front cover image was provided by Kyoung Hwan Kim

 Mysterious sword
Whilst walking through a dark forest, you see a single shaft of light is shining down upon a beautiful mysteries sword, its blade shimmers blue in the light..
The search for the great Hakumei.
There is a myth a legend of a powerful Samurai who comes to help people in times of need. You have been sent on a quest by your king, to find this great man before the village is attacked again by the same clan; who have already taken everything. The people are suffering it is now up to you find the great Hakumei who is said to lie in the forest of time.
Mienai michi (Invisible road)

There is written in an ancient book, that was found in a box within the walls of a monastery, that speaks of a mysterious gate which has stood upon a mountain path for centuries. Shrouded in mist, this gate is meant to lead to a world, unlike anything anyone can imagine. It is a place of dragons and giants. Could the story be real or is it just someones imagination? This is what your Kannushi (chief priest) is wanting to find out. So he sends you on a mission to find this mysterious gate.


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