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Barbara's own writing style has been classed as classic fantasy, but it also gets referred to as unusual, obscure and unconventional. 
Barbara has put this down to because as a teenager she read the Elric Novels, Forgotten Realms, played the Fighting Fantasy and Dungeon and Dragons books.
This was mainly because they were different to other fantasy stories and for a person with
dyslexia they were never a struggle to read and where greatly enjoyed. 

They inspired her to become a writer. However, because of her dyslexia, when she made the decision to become an author, Barbara was met with a lot of discouragement. This only made her more determined to prove them wrong, even dyslexic people can be writers.


Over the years Barbara has tried her head at many different writing styles. Whilst taking a night writing course at Nottingham University, she was informed by other writers including a published author, that she had great potential of being a great present tense writer, all she needed was to find the right genre which suited her.

This is when Barbara made the decision to stick to what she was good at, writing fantasy stories. This made her go over some of my early work. There was one which seemed promising. It was a world where immortal humanoids and creatures coexist with our realm, who possessed unique abilities which gave them the title “gods. There was also a strong villain, a rogue Eíen no, who wants to end the gods control over the world to gain all the power for himself. He is also constantly trying prevent an age old prophecy, that is actually a misinterpreted vision from taking place. This gave rise to the Master Shǒuwèi series.

Editor Murakami Kiyoshi: "It is great to find someone who writes good unconventional/classic fantasy, the way fantasy used to be. That being said, this really stands out as I, in all my years of editing, have not come across anything like this. It's unique, which makes Barbara's work a nice refreshing change to the generic fantasy I have to deal with every day.”


Most of Barbars's inspiration comes whilst she is listening to her favourite Japanese musician, Tadashi Kisaki Matsuura, Producer of
ヴィジュアル系 (Visual kei) bands, Kisaki Project, Phantasmagoria, (Lin) 凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD- and Chariots. 

However some of her stories are inspired by Chinese and Japanese culture, folklore, myth and legends, watching Anime and playing RPG games.

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